what we do

The Sportfordevelopment.nl Programme (2016-2020) promotes a world in which young children and young people actively contribute to vital communities through sport and play.

Vital communities

A vital community is an inclusive community in which people –children and youth included– actively participate and take care of themselves and each other with the support of actors, such as the government and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). In this way, a dynamic network is created that promotes positive change. A vital community recognises the key role of young people as agents of change and benefits from it.

Within the Sportfordevelopment.nl programme, we use sport as a means to effectively contribute to the vital character of a community. In every country where we work, we do this by implementing the five following sport-based interventions:

• Children and young people develop life and leadership skills through participation in sport- and play-based activities that help them contribute to vital communities
• Coaches, young leaders and mentors are trained and supported to take on a facilitating role in the development of youth
• Capacity building of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) by training and coaching (young) staff and volunteers in facilitating vital communities
• Development of community knowledge and awareness on issues such as: child rights, equality and inclusion, the importance of sport and play for education, and development and importance of community engagement
• Lobby and advocacy of (local) governments and private sectors to recognise sport and play as vital for community development and prosperity