A colourful partnership

One of the goals of the Sportfordevelopment.nl programme is to see how sport for development organisations can partner more closely with businesses to create a greater spin-off and have a bigger impact on the lives of young people. That is why this programme organizes expert meetings to analyse these types of partnerships. India Like in A colourful partnership

Sport For Development week Mali

In Mali sport for development partners ISA, Right To Play and KNVB WorldCoaches annually organize a Sport For Development week. This year, Segou was the host city and during this week a total of 75 coaches are being trained in sport for development and life skills. The focus lies on Football and Basketball, but also Sport For Development week Mali

The power of a network

In Mozambique all three sport for development partners work closely together. Last year we have established an official sport for development network that connects several Mozambican sport for development organisations and stimulates mutual learning and joint interventions. Through this network resources can be shared and a stronger voice for sport for development has been created. The power of a network