We are who we become
The power of sports

The pitch, the track, the ball, the action. From the desolated fields of Northern Kenya to the many islands of Indonesia. ...

A colourful partnership
Private and development sector join forces in coulourfields

One of the goals of the programme is to see how sport for development organisations can partner more closely with businesses to create ...

The power of a network
Stimulate mutual learning

In Mozambique all three sport for development partners work closely together. Last year we have established an official sport for development network that connects ...

Sport For Development week Mali
Building a stronger sport for development sector in Segou

In Mali sport for development partners ISA, Right To Play and KNVB WorldCoaches annually organize a Sport For Development week. This year, Segou was ...


People all over the world participate in sports – regardless of their age, fitness, sex, faith or culture. Many people practice sports themselves, while others are involved as devoted spectators, coaches or volunteers. Sport is a global phenomenon and a universal language spoken the world over.


The Programme (2016-2020) promotes a world in which young children and young people actively contribute to vital communities through sport and play.

Where we work

Within the Programme 2016-20120, we build on the positive results of the Programme 2012-2015. This implies an ongoing focus on the eight selected countries:  






    South Africa


    Palestinian Territories


The Partnership

The Programme (2016-2020) is implemented by an alliance consisting of International Sports Alliance (ISA), Right To Play (RTP) and the Royal Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All alliance partners firmly believe in – and are committed to – the use of sport as a means for sustainable development and have been working together as strategic partners for many years now. Every partner within the alliance brings unique knowledge and expertise, as well as its own network.


Team up 2016-2020 is constantly looking for new team members. In addition to collaboration within the alliance and local partners, we are always looking for other social actors within sports, education, development cooperation, science, government and the private sector to join our effort. The more partners in the program, the stronger we stand in the fight for sustainable development and peace.